Progression or Recession?

As history is taught throughout of years of education we learn that with time comes change. Over the years many aspects within life have changed minor to major ones. In prior civilizations we have seen religions change, gender roles change, and even the overall ideas of society change throughout the entire world. Change usually brings many different things to the table for most such as triumph, financial gain, hardships, and even death but inevitably the phrase “Change is good” applies to most people. However, some change is not a step forward, but yet a step backwards that seems to be pushing society back as a whole.

Today, history has progressed greatly when it comes to the technological innovations that can be seen in almost every household world wide from televisions, to the coveted cell phone that many have grown to not only love, but need with daily tasks within a person’s life. However, we have take a huge step back in the United States in recent times thanks to the financial state the country is currently in. Similar to that of the 1929 stock market crash Americans are financially unstable within their overall budgets today.

From spending too much and not saving, to using credit cards versus the money that the have as disposable income people are not financially conscious of what are wants and needs. People who once lived in beautiful, large homes are now in small apartments, or maybe living with their parents. People, who were once executives of companies, now have to ask the question “Can I take your order?” at fast food restaurants. Those who had money to spend frivolously now have to scrap of the pennies that they hope to find in the grocery store parking lot.

Most families today have been impacted by the recession by cutting back their costs, saving, and shopping smart, but are not having to make drastic changes like some are throughout the country. Change is an inevitable part of life that challenges people on a daily basis. However, people are not defined by what problems they encounter, but more or less how the deal with them and their overall success.

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