Personal Injury V.S. Bankruptcy

As it has become common knowledge today the United States is currently in a state known as a recession. Many individuals feel the recession in different aspects. A consumer/citizen feels the impact of a recession in their pocket and has to differentiate what is a need and want when spending. A company might feel the recession in their sales if it is a luxury item, or priced high that individuals simply do not need. Basically, people have finally come to terms with the value of a dollar and what all can truly be done with it especially when saved.

However, sometimes your dollars and cents can easily be impacted. Let’s say for example that your walking in a department store looking for a toaster. As you see the aisle marked “Toasters” you then begin to make your way to it only to find yourself on the ground in the next instant thanks to an unmarked puddle of water on the floor. As a result from the fall you just broke your shoulder. This is known as a personal injury, which people can easily fight for the damages sustained from the incident in order to make sure medical bills and lost wages are accounted for.

Yet, does a bankruptcy impact your personal injury claim and case? Usually in a bankruptcy, the stipulation that an individual’s possession are repossessed comes to mind to many. One then can easily jump to the idea that a personal injury lawsuit could end as a result of such occurrence. However, depending on most state laws a personal injury suit can be exempt only up to a certain amount of money, or damages received.

When you file bankruptcy it is highly important that an individual list a personal injury past, or present case taking place as an asset so that they may file for their exemption of such instance occurring in order to make sure that their damages are not completely taken. It is very important to make sure that when fighting for your personal injury case while in bankruptcy to let all parties associated with the case whether it is your lawyer, or another parties lawyer aware of you and your circumstances.

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