The Housing Market V.S. The Economy

The United States stands as many different things to people not only as Americans, but also all around the world. To those that are citizens of the country it stands as their home, a place that they can always find themselves back at with familiarity and comfort. To those from outside the boundaries of the country it stands as a beacon of hope, and equality that they one day may be able to be involved and participate within. However, is everything running and going as smoothly within our fair country as it may seem to some?

An economic recession impacts individuals, businesses and the government in many different ways. With individuals it may decide whether or not they keep their employment status or if their pay will be cut. With business, it can decide what products will be available to it’s consumers, its availability, and the amount of workers that will be employed in order to complete such things. However, the government is something a little different. As we all know, taxes come and go and come back and are still expected to be paid whether or not you have debt.

The housing market has plummeted over the past few years as a result of both high debts, taxes being required in more than one area, and the eventual file of bankruptcy being done by individuals, and families alike. However, many studies and sources have come to state that the housing market is going to take a turn for the better in the upcoming year. Many banks and other crediting businesses have come to jump in on the bankruptcy and foreclosure of homes and have been selling them back to consumers at a lower cost. With low costs and nice homes being available people would think that everyone is jumping to buy.

However, due to the economic times we are currently in many people are still saving versus spending and not ready to take on the task of such an investment. Today, with the recession becoming lessened and lessened each day many business journals have begun to state that people are finally starting to get back on their feet. Hopefully in the coming year we can begin to see more individuals beginning to buy intelligently over spending frivolously.

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