Social Media and Your Bankruptcy

Today, whether you choose to accept it or not, we as Americans are within an economic recession. From individuals simply saving more versus that of spending less, to people actually loosing their jobs and not being able to find another the recession can be seen from all walks of life. However, it should come to no shock thanks to news programs and the internet that individuals are actually having to file for bankruptcy simply to make sure they can keep their head above the flood of debt. Yet, can your social media websites affect your bankruptcy?

Technology is an active part of the life of an American today. One thing that you probably do at least once everyday, or even more is log on to your Facebook account and interact with your friends and family all over the world. However, what you might see as an innocent post on a friend’s wall or a status update could easily compromise your file for bankruptcy in an instant.

Many bill collectors and prosecutors today are beginning to check into social media websites more and more. This is not only bringing the true nature of situations to light, but also easily making an individual’s file for bankruptcy more difficult. Bill collectors can easily pose as “friends” on Facebook and go through all of your posts, pictures and interactions with others and see if you are really living the life of an individual who has just filed bankruptcy, or if you are just taking advantage of the system.

Those bill collectors posing as friends not only run into answers and truth when becoming friends with these individuals on Facebook, but also run into a gold mine of evidence that can be present in court to prove the individual who filed for bankruptcy is living well above their means.

At the end of the day you need to make sure to consider who truly adds you on Facebook, especially when you have filed for bankruptcy. Make sure to set your privacy settings on your account accordingly in order to make sure that your bankruptcy is not compromised in anyway.

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